Overseas Vocational Training Association

International Cooperation in the HRD Field

Endeavoring for a better world in the 21st century

In partnership with people around the world, OVTA carries out farsighted international cooperation programs that are designed with the future in mind.
Specifically, we work with ASEAN, APEC, and ILO/SKILL-AP in the field of HRD. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan has entrusted these activities to OVTA.

Cooperation with ASEAN

For ASEAN's four newest members (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam), OVTA implements Collaboration Training Course on HRD in Japan and the partner countries(Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines and Thailand). We also help the participants organize the national seminars back in their own countries.

Cooperation with APEC

In the APEC region, OVTA implements vocational training programs designed to enable local people to acquire specific skills and techniques, and IT training programs designed to eliminate the digital divide. We also host international forums on challenges that member countries and regions face and strategies for overcoming them, where participants can exchange information and engage in discussion with distinguished experts from Japan and abroad.

Cooperation with ILO/SKILLS-AP

To improve vocational training and skill level,which will contribute to expansion of job opportunities and promotion of economic and social development,OVTA,in cooperation with ILO,holds meeting and workshops to share vocational training resources in the Asia Pacific Region and encourage information exchanges and technical cooperation.

International Affaiers Section
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 OVTA-Seven Areas of Activity
  1. Development of Staff Abilities for Globalization
  2. Consulting Services and Assistance with Problem-solving
  3. Training for Foreigners
  4. Dissemination of HRD Information
  5. Development and Distribution of Training Materials
  6. International Cooperation in the HRD Field
  7. International HRD Support Center for HRD and Training
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