Overseas Vocational Training Association

OVTA - Helping Businesses Develop Human Resources for Globalization

From the Chairman


Established in November 1982 with the cooperation of both the public and private sectors, the Overseas Vocational Training Association-popularly known as OVTA-aims to aid businesses in providing the human resources they need to respond to globalization. In working towards this goal ,it has developed a wide variety of programs in response to social needs through its Makuhari training complex in Chiba City. It is my wish that OVTA continues to provide strong support to businesses while contributing to international society through its efforts in human resources development (HRD).

About OVTA

Date established

November 9, 1982, with authorization from the then Ministry of Labour

Total endowment

370 million yen, donated by 21 organizations and 67 private companies

Corporate board members

Communications and Information Network Association of Japan
Employment and Human Resources Development Organization of Japan
Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
Japan Association of Corporate Executives
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japan Consulting Institute
Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association
Japan Electronics and Information Technology industries Association
Japan Federation of Construction Contractors
Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc.
Japan Iron and Steel Federation
Japan Overseas Enterprises Association
Japan Vocational Ability Development Association
Japanese Bankers Association
Kansai Economic Federation
Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)
(in alphabetical order)

OVTA Main Building
 OVTA-Seven Areas of Activity
  1. Development of Staff Abilities for Globalization
  2. Consulting Services and Assistance with Problem-solving
  3. Training for Foreigners
  4. Dissemination of HRD Information
  5. Development and Distribution of Training Materials
  6. International Cooperation in the HRD Field
  7. International HRD Support Center for HRD and Training
財団法人 海外職業訓練協会